We Recycle, Recondition And Sell Plastic Drums, Steel Drums, Used Barrels And Totes

We Clean, Wash, Inspect And Steam Out Our Containers In Our Reconditioning Facility

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Disposal & recycling

RCRA Disposal

Do You Have (RCRA) Empty Containers for Disposal?

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Our Regulations for Disposal Include, but are not Limited to, the Following:

  • All Closed Head Drums Will Have Closures in Place and be Tight.
  • All Empty Open Head Drums Will Be Returned as if Full, with Cover and Ring in Place and Tightened, All Closures in Place and Tight
  • All Drums Must Be Empty According to the National Environmental Protection Agency Regulation, 40 CFR 261.33 (e)
  • No More Than One Inch (2.5 CM) Of Residue May Remain On the Bottom of the Container, or 3% of its Total Weight
  • All Wastes Have Been Removed that Can Be Removed Using the Practices Commonly Employed to Removal Materials (such as Pouring, Pumping, Aspirating)
  • All Drums Must Not Have Contained "Acutely Hazardous Waste," as listed in 40 CFR 261.7

Types of Recycling

At Container Compliance, waste materials are collected, tested, and disposed of according to regulatory standards. We are able to pick-up plastic drums, steel drums, totes, used barrels and industrial packaging from your facility if you live within 150 miles of our Cleveland based facility.

Plastic Drums and Containers

The bulk of our business, plastic containers, are first evaluated for marketability. Drums that our steam cleaning process cannot clean and certify are sent to our grinding facility in Elyria, Ohio. After grinding, all plastic is sent for reuse.

Steel Drums

Our facility crushes steel drums no longer marketable, saving them from landfills. Labels and identifying information is removed before disposal.

Drums and Totes

Grinding and recycling the drums and totes is the most economical and allows end users to easily convert these containers into a new product. In 2013, we installed additional grinding capacity to accommodate truckloads of drums, totes or any other industrial plastic.


Container Compliance Can Handle All of Your Industrial Container Needs.